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Exciting news!!! New DAYTIME classes have been added to our schedule but they're filling up fast - get in touch to reserve your space!

We have a 10am puppy class and an 11am intermediate dogs class starting on Wednesday the 12th of March at Clifton.

We have an 11am puppy class and a 12 noon intermediate dogs class starting on Tuesday the 25th of March at Patchway.

Sarah GreenMutleys, based in Clifton, Bristol, has been running since 2005. A new branch of Mutleys (Mutleys North) opened in 2012 in Patchway, Bristol. Mutleys offers dog training classes to dogs of all ages, including puppy and older/rescue dogs and for dogs that already have the basic skills and wish to develop this further, as well as one to one training for puppies and young dogs. Mutleys uses gently positive training techniques and reward based training to ensure that your dog learns in a fun and positive environment.

Mutleys is owned by Sarah Green who has owned and lived with dogs for 14 years, having initially had a couple of Springer Spaniels and now owning a Working Cocker, Ellie, and a Lowchen, Taya. Sarah has been working with dogs for 9 years having found a love for training and an understanding of them through owning her own dogs.

Lisa Gibson joined Mutleys in 2009 and has been taking classes since 2010, following a long period of training with Sarah as well as completing a number of courses through the Association of Dog Training and Behaviour and currently working towards APDT membership. Lisa lives with Max, her rescue Rottweiler/lab cross. Lisa will be running Mutleys North in Patchway, with support from Sarah.

Sarah has been assessed and accepted as a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) (Membership no 00958), members need to provide evidence of their training and are assessed to ensure they are working in a positive and rewarding manner and no negative techniques are being used as methods of training.

Mutleys has listed club status with the Kennel Club, and offers owners the chance to partake in Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards including:

Lisa Gibson and Max Mutleys concentrates on puppy socialisation, getting a good start in life for all pups and educating owners to better understand the way the dog learns. We run puppy socialisation and training classes with guidance on common puppy problems. This is the most important time in a dog's life and it is important that the owner has guidance and understands how to train and communicate with their dogs to prevent problems from occurring.

The most important part of the training is for the owner to understand the reasons behind the techniques used and realise why and how they work. The trainers are willing to discuss individual training or behavioural problems and look at these with the group or individually. The trainer will also assist with puppy socialisation and the prevention of problem behaviour occurring in the first place to make your dog much more fun to live with.

As well as group training sessions, one to one training can be organised for basic training and early puppy advice and training, again using gently corrective techniques. You will be living with your dog for many years and it is important that both you and the dog are happy and your dog is behaving in a way that prevents it from continuous punishment i.e. presenting behaviours that the owners are not happy with.