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Aphex the Spaniel cross and Sniffy the Labradoodle practising their long stays!
Aphex the Spaniel cross and Sniffy the Labradoodle practising their long stays!
(Photo by Dawn Wilkins Photography)

Mutleys offers dog training classes to puppies and older dogs that already have the basic skills and wish to develop this further, as well as one to one training for puppies and dogs. Mutleys uses gentle positive training techniques and reward based training to ensure that your dog learns in a fun and positive environment.

Mutleys concentrates on puppy socialisation, getting a good start in life for all pups and educating owners to better understand the way the dog learns. We run puppy socialisation and training classes with guidance on common puppy problems. This is the most important time in a dog's life and it is important that the owner has guidance and understands how to train and communicate with their dogs to prevent problems from occurring.

The most important part of the training is for the owner to understand the reasons behind the techniques used and realise why and how they work. The trainers are willing to discuss individual training or behavioural problems and look at these with the group or individually. The trainer will also assist with puppy socialisation and the prevention of problem behaviour occurring in the first place to make your dog much more fun to live with.

As well as group training sessions, one to one training can be organised for basic training and early puppy advice and training, using positive reward based methods. You will be living with your dog for many years and it is important that you have a good bond and relationship with your dog. We can help you to teach your dog how to behave so you are not frustrated and cross with them and they know what is expected so you can all live comfortably and happily together!

Mutleys offers a variety of Association or Pet Dog Trainer (APDT) Good Companion Awards - Puppy, foundation, Progress and Jubilee, just ask for details.

Mutleys, based in Clifton, Bristol, has been running since 2005. A branch in Frampton Cotterell, North Bristol has been running since June 2016 and this year (2021) we have opened a new venue on the Hanham/St George border.

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Clifton classes are held at:

The Scout Hut
Hurle Road
Clifton, Bristol

Frampton Cotterell classes are held at:

Crossbow House
School Road
Frampton Cotterell
BS36 2DB

Hanham / St George classes are held at:

Wesley Memorial Methodist Church
Bryants Hill

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Get in touch


Sarah Green
Mob: 07547 372 626
Email: mutleysclifton@gmail.com

Frampton Cotterell & Hanham / St George

Lisa Gibson
Mob: 07746 316 570
Email: mutleysnorth@gmail.com

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What our clients say

If you are looking for a relaxed but educational workshop this is definitely for you.
She adds her encouragement, enthusiasm and expertise to make the sessions thoroughly enjoyable.
Small classes, a friendly atmosphere and lots of reward-based hard work have made this a weekly experience my baby pug Eddie and I look forward to. Highly recommended.
The puppy classes with you have been a complete success right from the off. You were recommended by a few people and have not disappointed.

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