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We knew we were in great hands when Lisa first visited us for a puppy consultation when Bertie was only 12 weeks old. In that first session Lisa taught us how to deal with situations such as house training and frantic biting outbursts! We saw immediate changes once we were advised of how to tackle these problems. Lisa's friendly and playful manner was a hit with Bertie and she is clearly experienced with all types of dogs and training, which put us at ease. It was also nice to know that I could email Lisa at any time with my queries and she would reply with advice, this was much needed as Bertie is our first pup! We signed him up for Lisa's six week puppy course and then onto the immediate training after that. Bertie has come on so far in just six months and we are well on our way to having a well behaved pup! They classes are fun for both us and Bertie, he gets to meet new friends and they give us the training we need to carry it on at home. Highly recommended, so glad we did it!
Jessica Vaulters with Bertie the chocolate Labrador
We both wanted to thank you for the sessions as we have definitely got tons out of them in terms of training techniques, and Abi is (mostly) a good dog now and that is due to things we've learnt from the training. Plus it was so much fun - we loved it and Abi couldn't wait to get into class every week. As soon as she got out of car and realised where she was, she'd get so excited!
Alison and Andy with Cocker Spaniel Abi
We've been attending the Mutleys classes in Patchway since the Summer last year. We took our puppy and found the classes to be extremely beneficial both for socialisation and general training. Also we found that it's helped us as owners be more confident with our own dogs and even other people's dogs too. We now have a second puppy who we have taken to Lisa's classes and will continue for the foreseeable future. Lisa is patient and very clear with instruction. She is friendly and personable and I'm amazed how she remembers the names of so many dogs so quickly! She is good at explaining why dogs behave as they do and has taught us a lot. She is also on hand for advice on training at home like when we had troubles with house training she was able to give us tips which helped enormously. I regularly recommend the classes to fellow dog owners and will continue to do so.
Dawn and Matt Wilkins with Nacho (Dachshund-Chihuahua cross) and Pepper (Yorkie-Chihuahua cross)
My puppy and me have really learnt a lot from training. Sarah is always very encouraging and patient and always very positive about what each dog has achieved. She has always offered very detailed advice when I have asked her about any behaviour problems I have had when training my puppy. She is always very fair and helpful. It's really important to me that I train my dog with positive reinforcement and Sarah is only ever encouraging and positive when showing the class how to train our puppies. I would definitely recommend the classes to everyone!
Sally Darby with Annie the Schnoodle
As novice dog owners living in the centre of the city, we were conscious that our working cocker spaniel puppy needed to be well-behaved for his own well-being as well as our peace of mind. Learning alongside him over the past 12 months has strengthened the relationship between us in a sort of virtuous circle - the more he pleases us, the more praise he receives, the more he tries to please us even more . and so on. The communication and comprehension between owner and dog is quite remarkable, and I am sure that much of this is down to practising the same core skills over and again at training. The dogs really enjoy going to training and love Sarah who quite clearly understands what makes them tick and how to deal with individual behaviour patterns. Positive reinforcement is the order of the day, and in the case of our much-loved spaniel, it works!
Ann Batanero with Zebedee the Working Cocker
I just have to say "puppy class today" and my baby pug Eddie is waiting at the door, ready to go. He adores both the training and Sarah, and has made great progress through Beginners and now Intermediate training. Small classes, a friendly atmosphere and lots of reward-based hard work have made this a weekly experience we both look forward to. Highly recommended.
Sue Watson with Pug puppy Eddie
I have a 1 year old Rottie called Rupert who I have been taking to Lisa's classes since he was 5 months old, as a responsible larger dog owner it was imperative he had the correct training at an early age. We found the classes very helpful, Lisa has always been very involved with each individual, small tasks were given each week for homework, and every week Rupert would look forward to attending, he has not only learnt all the basic commands but great socialising skills. In my opinion if you are looking for a relaxed but educational workshop this is definitely for you.
Sheila and Paul Holbrook with Rupert the Rottweiler
We joined Mutleys as we were very keen to do the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Awards. We had already done some training and wondered if we would be required to start at the beginning again but after 20 minutes into our 1st lesson, Sarah asked if we could return 3 days later as she had an examiner coming in and would we like to go for our Bronze Award! Now we're working towards our Silver Award and loving the structured, well planned and recorded lessons. Guardians and dogs are all very friendly and we look forward to our weekly class. Yes, we would recommend this professional and happy training school. Go Mutleys!
Leo Hewett with Moses the Irish Water Spaniel
Over the years I have come to rely on patience, perseverance, praise and practice as a guide for dog training. Lisa cheerfully applies all these to us as she teaches us to train our dogs. She adds her encouragement, enthusiasm and expertise to make the sessions thoroughly enjoyable. Lisa also very willingly takes a lot of time and trouble to help solve any individual problems that occur.
Carolyn Little and Samba the black Labrador
The puppy classes with you have been a complete success right from the off. You were recommended by a few people and have not disappointed. Both Karen and I have learnt so much and of course the proof of these lessons is there right in front of us all... Freddie. He has been and continues to be a real star at home and out and about. We have all eagerly looked forward to the weekly sessions, Freddie especially! We feel puppy classes should be compulsory, the training for the dogs and owners is invaluable and as our 'STOP' shout a week or so ago proved, it could save your dog's life. To see Fred stop and sit a few feet away from the road, with people opposite, well in our minds your puppy class training is priceless. We will continue to recommend you for the highest level of training possible. Thank you again Lisa, it's been a pleasure and immense fun.
Carlo and Karen Ferretti with Freddie the Westie
I have been very happy and fortunate to find Lisa to help me with training our Yorkie pup Benji. The classes are relaxed and informal. We have a good time while training. Lisa has given me lots of useful tips as to solve some of Benji's problems. I would highly recommend Lisa at Mutleys.
Gloria Davies and Benji the Yorkie
After waiting over 30 years for a dog, the perfect dog arrived about a year ago. Myfanwy and I joined Mutleys and undertook the basic training classes with Sarah. We then moved on to the Bronze Challenge and achieved this with just five weeks of training! Then we similarly did our Silver Challenge (we are now on a summer break before continuing to Gold). Sarah has a very calm, authoritative and informed approach to the training classes and seems to recognise the nature of each individual dog and perceives a way to get the best out of all of them. Big dogs, small dogs, good dogs, naughty dogs. Nearly all of them get to their goal with Sarah and Mutleys!
Jane Whicheloe with Myfanwy the Welsh Springer


Clifton classes are held at:

The Scout Hut
Hurle Road
Clifton, Bristol

Frampton Cotterell classes are held at:

Crossbow House
School Road
Frampton Cotterell
BS36 2DB

Hanham / St George classes are held at:

Wesley Memorial Methodist Church
Bryants Hill

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Training classes

We offer daytime and evening classes for puppies and dogs of all ages and at all levels of experience.

You can bring your new pup along to one of our puppy courses as soon as he or she is vaccinated.

For older or rescue dogs needing some basic training and help with minor issues, we initially believe one to one training is more suitable. This can then enable them to achieve a level of training to join classes at the intermediate level.

We also run intermediate classes which enables you to continue your training to a higher level, as well as offering you the opportunity to work towards the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Awards.